Mexica Tribe

Native Americans of North America (Cemanahuac)

Tenochtitlan, Anahuac, Cemanahuac



"Mexica"  (Meh-shee-kah): The "Mexica" were the people that everyone erroneously calls the Aztecs; however, the Aztecs were the Mexica’s ancestors that came from Aztlan. The Mexica were the people from Mexico during 1325 to 1521.  

"Mexico" is indigenous to the Americas. The invading Spaniards from Spain couldn't pronounce Meshiko correctly. They added the "j" sound and also spelled it with an "x". Now you see it as "Mexico". 

The Mexica are one of the original indigenous people of Mexico and their language is called Nahuatl. However, when the Spanish invaded Mexico they brought their language and religion from Spain. That is why most Mexicans speak Spanish and believe in a foreign religion. 

The Mexica were victims of genocide and the survivors of ethnocide. Therefore, those of us who have lost all of our tribal ties from Mexico can claim "Mexica" as a general indigenous identity to unit and reconstruct our culture and pay homage to our ancestors. Many of us already do this when we acknowledge our ancestors were the Aztecs. 


Mexicanos, being descendants of 100% "Indians", i.e. Native Americans, at one time as Mexico is on the North American continent, continue to possess an average of 80% Native American DNA when tested according to Dr. Jack D. Forbes author of Aztecas Del Norte - The Chicanos of Aztlan.

Due to the rape of the Native American Indians by the European foreigners, the Mexica were mixed with Spaniard, the Lakota were mixed with French, the Cherokee were mixed with English, etc., but we are all still Indigenous, Native Americans. Mexicans have more Native American DNA than many members of recognized Native American Tribes in the US, but we remain to be a tribe-less people. This is because we lost our "proof" of lineage that the colonizers demand in order to be enrolled in a recognized tribe. This is  "Paper Genocide" committed by European Enforced Government Documentation! This is ethnic genocide to detach the original people of this land from their indigenous status and rights to their ancestral land. 

We have only been searching for years for the recognition of our identities, our way of life and the right to our traditional territories and our natural resources. We were here before “America“, before this colonized society. Our land was renamed "American" by the colonizers. We called it Anahuac before the colonizers renamed it. We were here in this hemisphere (that we called Cemanahuac) before the white man came to colonize, to steal our lands and deprive us of them. The settlers have denied us our human rights and we are treated with indifference and contempt. The invaders try to force us to assimilate as they disrespectfully appropriate our culture for their profit. The European-Americans have never respected our culture, our rights as human beings, nor our values. That is why we are claiming our rights as natives, as descendants of natives, as descendants of generations of survivors of the attempted annihilation of our collective indigenous roots. We are uniting to defend our right to walk freely on our land from the oppression of the European colonizers and the false limits to the access to our land that they have imposed.

To pay homage to our ancestors and to regain our status as indigenous Native Americans, we are uniting under the "Mexica Tribe" - a tribute to the "Mexica" and "Aztecas" and any descendants of Mexican tribes that have lost their tribal affiliation due to legislative genocide, paper genocide, blood quantum genocide by the colonizers . We are a non-recognized tribe for any Mexican people to help re-establish their true status as Native Americans, mixed and pure blood, to the American Continent, Anahuac and the Western Hemisphere, Cemanahuac.



We will NEVER seek recognition from any current nation or state in the Western Hemisphere (USA, Mexico, Canada, etc), for these are all European created and run governments.  To seek recognition from them, you are acknowledging their legitimacy and thus giving up your Native rights to the land of your ancestors!

The "Aztecs"

The Aztecs were really called the Mexica! 

When the Spaniards invaded Mexico in 1519, the people they met and killed were called the Mexica (Meh-shee-kah). The Mexica would call themselves, “Meshicanos” (Mexicanos) in what is now call “Mexico”. The people that called themselves Aztec were from Aztlan before migrating south into Mexico.

The first influential published record of the word Aztec occurred in the 18th century when the Creole Jesuit teacher of New Spain Francisco Javier Clavijero Echegaray [1731-1787] used it in his important work on the Aztecs called La Historia Antigua de México, published in 1780.

The term reached popularity in the 19th century when it was used by the famous German explorer Alexander Von Humboldt. Von Humboldt used Clavijero as a source, and in describing his own 1803-1804 expedition to Mexico called Vues des cordillères et monuments des peuples indigènes de l'Amerique, he referred to the "Aztècpies", which meant more or less "Aztecan". 

The term became cemented into the culture in the English language in William Prescott’s book The History of the Conquest of Mexico, published in 1843.

Later in the early 20th century when our people would migrate to the "U.S.", people would ask the Nahuatl migrants, that would speak Nahuatl. "What language were they speaking?" The Nahuah speakers would respond, "Meshicano." Meshicano, would get shorten to Xicano (shicano), and then later to “Chicano".

So when you're calling yourself a Chicano, (despite, the contemporary definition of Chicano), you're calling yourself Mexica, or Mexican named after the Mexica (Aztecs) identity.


- Thought Co

- Aztecas Del Norte, Dr. Jack D. Forbes

The Mexica Tribe Flag


East: Nahuatl name: Tlahuizlampa: Direction of Light/Illumination Deity: Xipe Totec, Element: Fire Color: Red, Season: Spring • Direction of Male Principles/Energies • Beginnings, Seeds of Creation

South: Nahuatl name: Huitzlampa Deity: Huitzilopochtli, Element: Water Color: Blue, Season: Summer • Direction of the Children/Youth • Renewal, Cleansing, Perseverance, “Warriorness”

West: Nahuatl name: Cihuatlampa: Direction of the Women Deity: Quetzalcoatl, Element: Earth Color: White, Season: Fall/Autumn • Direction of the Female Principles/Energies • Intuitiveness, Materialization, Mystery/Unknown

North: Nahuatl name: Mictlampa: Place of Rest, Transformation Deity: Tezcatlipoca, Element: Wind Color: Black, Season: Winter • Direction of the Elders/Ancestors/Spirit World • Wisdom, Reflection, Communication

- The Sixth Sun Ridaz, Quimichipilli

Foundation Symbol: 

The symbol atl-tlachinolli / water-fire was misinterpreted by the Spaniards & they placed a snake, to fit their religious belief as well. Atl-tlachinolli was a symbol for war, to mean here we are warriors! Eagle is one representation of Huitzilopochtli, known to be the main Mexihcah God. Because the symbol for war was a paired metaphor (made up of two opposite terms that complement each other) to be spoken, it’s often shown as a speech sign in front of a mouth.

The symbol in the language of the Aztecs/Mexica (Náhuatl) was atl tlachinolli, meaning ‘water, burnt (or scorched) earth’. The metaphor, typically in Náhuatl, consists of two opposite elements (literally) - water and fire, forming two streams (one blue and one red) that join together to form one key idea (war). Each element is a source of energy and life-force but can also be one of destruction. Like the paired shrines to (rain god) Tlaloc and (war god) Huitzilopochtli atop the main temple of the Mexica and the reality of two ‘opposite’ seasons in the Aztec year (farming season and war season) they are classic examples of the importance of the concept of duality in Mexica thought and approach to life. 

Some scholars believe the fire-and-water concept of war may be as old as the Early Classic Teotihuacán period, hundreds of years before the Aztec empire was built.

- MexiLore 

Mexicans are Native Americans

Mixed and Pure Blood, indigenous to the North American Continent. DNA is proof, culture is proof, language is proof, history is proof. Don't let the colonizers divide and  conquer you from your ties to this land. The Government doesn't want you to know this because then the Native American population will rise in awareness and make assimilation and submission to the colonizers more difficult. 

We do NOT seek colonizer acknowledgment!

The "Mexica Tribe" is not an approved or official tribe, nor registered or recognized by any governmental agencies, states, federations, nor the  Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), or the Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas (CDI).

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