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There are single names, names that mean something, a calendar name, a hero's name, a name dedicated to a creator/aztec god (used as a last name [surname] only, never as a first name - that would be sacrilegious. ), and combination name. 


Acalan (M) Canoe
Ácatl (M) A giant reed
Acuecucyoticihuati (F) Name of the Aztec goddess of the ocean (dedication name - surname)
Ahuatzi (M) Small oak
Achcauhtli (M/F) Leader (dedication name - surname)
Ahuiliztli (M/F) Joy
Amoxtli (M/F) Protection/Shelter
Anacaona (F) Golden flower
Atl (M/F) Water
Atlacoya (F) Name of Aztec goddess of drought (dedication name - surname)
Atlatonin (F) Name of Aztec mother-goddess (dedication name - surname)
Ayauhteotl (F) The Aztec goddess of the haze and mist (dedication name - surname)
Ce Acatl Coatlicue (dedication name - surname)
Ce Mazatl (calendar name)
Chalchiuitl (F) Emerald
Chalchihuitlcue (F)  ("She of the Jade Skirt") was an Aztec goddess of water, rivers, seas, streams, storms, and baptism (dedication name - surname)
Chalmecacihuilt (F) Goddess of the Underworld (surname)
Chantico (F) Goddess of fires in the family hearth and volcanoes. (surname)
Chicahua (M/F) Strong
Chicomecōātl (F) "seven snakes", was the Aztec goddess of agriculture. (surname)
Chiconahui, (F) was a domestic fertility goddess and protectress of family. (surname)
Chimalli (M) Shield
Chimalma (F) is a goddess in Aztec mythology, and was considered by the Aztecs to be the mother of the Toltec god Quetzalcoatl . Her name means " shield -hand." (surname)
Chipahua (M/F) Clean
Cihuacoatl (F) Motherhood and fertility goddess, dedication name, surname.
Cihuaton - Little Woman (F)
Cipactli - Crocodile
Cipactonal - Production of the day (M)

Citlalli (M/F) Star

Citlalic - Rising Star (F)

Citlalicue - Star garment (F)

Citlalmina (F) Shooting star (Greatest of our Female Heros)
Coatlaxopeuh (name of Mother God - surname)
Coatlicue (F) Goddess that gave birth to the moon and the starts, dedication name, surname)
Coaxoch (F) Serpent Flower

Coyolxauhqui (F) Golden Bells
Coyotl (M) Coyote
Cozamalotl (F) Rainbow
Coszcatl  (F) Jewel
Cualli (M/F) Good
Cuauhtemoc (M) Descending Eagle (Name of the last emperor)

Cuallea or Cuallee (M) Good
Cuetlachtli (M) Wolf
Cuetzalli or Cuetzpallea or Cuetzpallee (M)  Lizard
Cueponi Tlacatl "blooming or blossoming person"
Cuiztli - Kite
Cuicatl (F) Song
Ehecatl - (MF) Wind Serpent god, dedication name, surname.
Eleuia - Wish
Etalpalli (M/F) Wing
Eztli (M/F) Blood
Huehueteotl (M/F) Sacred Fire - dedication - surname)
Huemac (M) Toltec Ruler
Huitzilihuitl (M) Hummingbird feather pen
Huitzilin (M) Hummingbird
Huitzilopochtli (MF) God of war, dedication name, surname)
Iccauhtli - Younger Brother
Ichtaca (M/F) Secret
Icnoyotl (M/F) Friendship
Ilhicamina (M) He Shoots Arrows at the Sky (Name of Mexica King)
Ilhuitl (M/F) Day
Ihuicatl (M/F) Sky
Itotia (M/F) Dance

Itzcali (M) House of Beauty

Itzcoatl (M) Obsidian Serpent
Itzli (M) Obsidian

Itztli (M) Obsidian Knife

Itzpapalotl (F) Obsidian Butterfly
Iuitl (M/F) Feather

Ixcuiname (F) Four faces or four sisters

Ixtli (M/F) Face
Macehualli - The People

Macuilxóchitl (F) Five flowersMahuizoh (M/F) Glorious Person 
Manauia (M/F) Defend
Matlal - Dark Green or Net
Matlalihuitl (M)- Blue-Green Feather
Mazatl - Deer
Malinalxochitl (F) Grass Flower
Mecatl (M/F) Rope/ Lineage

Meztli (F) Moon/Goddess of Night
Mictlan (MF) Lord of the Underworld name, dedication name, surname)
Mictlantecuhtli - means Lord of Underworld, dedication name, surname)
Milintica (M) Fire he is waiving 

Mixcóatl (F) Serpent of the sky

Miyaoaxochitl (F) Maize tassel flower

Mizquixaual (F) Mesquite face paint

Moctezuma (M) The archer Lord in an angry state. The last ruler of Aztecs. (dedication name, surname)

Momoztli (M/F) Alter
Moyolehuani (M/F) Enamored One
Nahuatl (M/F) Nahuatl Language /Four Waters/ God of water and rivers 
Namacuix - King
Naui Xolotl Ilhuicamina (3 name combo: No 4 - dedication - hero)

Necahual (F) Survivor
Necalli (M) Battle
Nelli - Truth
Nenetl (F) Doll
Nezahualcoyotl (M) Fasting/hungry Coyote /Texcoco King
Nezahualpilli (M) Fasting Prince / A Great Texcoco King
Nochehuatl (M) Consistent
Nochtli (F) Prickly Pear Fruit
Nopaltzin (M) Cactus / King
Ocelotl - jaguar
Ohtli (M/F) Road
Ollin - Movement
Olin Tonatiuh (dedication name -  surname)
Olin Quetzalcoatl (2 combo name: movement - dedication)
Ometeotl (Our Creator - God - last name only)
Ome Tochtli (calendar name)
Patli (M/F) Medicine
Pipiltin - Noble
Pochtecatl - Merchant
Quauhtli - Eagle
Quetzalcoatl - (MF) Feathered Serpent / Name of a God of the sky (dedication name, surname)
Quetzalxochitl (F) Precious Flower / Queen
Tecuhtli - Knight
Tenoch (M/F) Name composed of the elements (rock) and (Prickly-peared)
Tochtli - rabbit
Toltecatl - Artist
Teoxihuitl (M/F) Turquoise or precious and divine
Tepiltzin - privileged son
Tezcacoatl (M) Reflecting Serpent / King
Tezcatlipoca (M/F) dedication name, surname)
Tlalli (F) Earth
Tlacaelel - a diligent person
Tlacaelel Xochipilli (dedication name - surname)
Tlacelel (M) Greatest of our male Heroes
Tlachinolli (M/F) Fire
Tlaloc - of the earth, water, (M/F) (God of rain) dedication name, surname)
Tlazopilli (M) Precious Noble
Tlanextic - Light of Dawn
Tlanextli (M/F) radiance, brilliance, majesty or splendor
Tlazohtlaloni - one who is loved
Tlexictli (M/F) Fire Navel
Tlilpotonqui - Feathered in Black
Tochtli - Rabbit
Toltecatl (M/F) Artist
Tonantzin (M) (Mother Goddess Earth - last name only)
Tonatiuh (M) (Movement of the Sun - He comes shining - Sun God - dedication name - surname)
Tonauac - the one who possesses light
Tototl - bird
Ueman - venerable time
Uetzcayotl - the essence of light
Xicohtencatl - angry bumblebee
Xihuitl - Year or Comet
Xipil  (M/F) Noble of the Fire
Xipilli (M) Jeweled Prince
Xiuhcoatl (M/F) Fire Serpent / weapon of destruction
Xochipepe - Flower Gatherer
Xochitl (F) Flower
Xochitl Tonantzin (Flower/Mother God)
Xochipilli - Aztec myth name of a god of love, music, and flowers, meaning “flower prince”
Xolotl - (M) God of lightning and death, and guardian of sunsets) dedication name, surname)
Xochipill (M) Flower Prince, dedication name, surname)
Xochiquetzal (F) Goddess of beauty, fertility, and female sexuality. dedication name, surname
Yaotl (M/F) War or Warrior
Yayauhqui (M/F) Black Smoking Mirror
Yolotli (M/F) Heart
Yolotl Aztecatl "heart of an Aztec"
Yolyamanitzin (M/F) just, tender, considerate person
Xiuhtecutli (M/F) (turquoise Lord, cosmic fire, time- dedication name - surname)
Zipactonal - harmonic light
Zolin - Quail aztec names for girls aztec names boy nahuatl names

Aztec Calendar

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"...TL" - at the end of a word. The "L" is silent. 

"HU" - sounds like a "W".

"LL" - sounds like the English "LL".

"X" - sounds like "SH". 




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